Saturday, June 23, 2012

There's A Party

Just a quick note for today. We're having a combined birthday party for the kids. Here are the cakes I spent part of Friday decorating.

Girl wants fairy wings, Girl gets fairy wings.

Now...this next one was supposed to look like a treasure chest with its lid still on, but overflowing with gold and jewels and such.

As you can see, I had a bit of a problem with the lid breaking into pieces The concept was sound, but the directions left nothing to help troubleshoot any problems. Henceforth, this cake shall be known as "Intentionally Making the Chest Broken Open and Busted Up at the Bottom of the Ocean." So say we all.

Have a great weekend everyone. I'd save you cake, but I'll be lucky to get a slice myself.

*License: I took all of these pictures.

Word to the Nerd


vic caswell (aspiring-x) said...

happy birthdays to the kiddos! PARTY HEARTY MATEY!!!

Andrew Leon said...

I like that treasure chest! Man, I want a piece!

Thanks for stopping by and championing me today whatever the reason!

Mynx said...

I did a pirate chest for a cake once.
The chest itself was made of cardboard but inside was full of coins and cupcakes.
Both of yours look delicious

Juli said...

Mmmmm Rolos...

It really is the effort they remember. One year I made a green light saber for Youngest. IT was 4 feet long, cake sliced 4 inches thick laid end to end. The handle was chocolate, GF of course, and the saber was vanilla. It had glow sticks running up and down the sides so it glowed green.

The concept was awesome, my execution, meh...

He still talks about that cake as if it was made by the cake boss himself. :)

Annika said...

Oooo ~ cake! Another c-word that's a favourite of mine (the others being coffee and chocolate). Looks delicious :).

Have a great weekend :)!

DEZMOND said...

fairy wings? Are you sure she isn't my daughter? :PPP

S. L. Hennessy said...

That treasure chest is AMAZING. Your kids are lucky to have such a culinarily accomplished dad.

P.S. My birthday is in December. I'm a huge fan of Pirates. Just so you know.

fishducky said...


Jaycee DeLorenzo said...

Look at you, Mr. Baker! Happy birthday to the kiddies!

Easy said...

Happy birthdays x2 :D
The treasure chest looks bountiful

Adam said...

I really like the 2nd cake

Brigid Daull Brockway said...

And years from now they'll still think of their cakes and think of themselves as the most special kids on the planet. It's not every parent who will up and create a whimsical cake by hand rather than just buying a Sponge Bob cake at the grocery store.

Matthew MacNish said...

Happy Birthdays to the Schwa kidlets!

Shell Flower said...

So say we all.

Happy B-Day to the kids. I once made a Volkswagen bus cake for my brother-in-law that somewhat resembled the treasure chest cake. But it was more hippied-out with almonds for headlights and such. It's the thought that counts.

Indigo Roth said...

Nice work, Sir! But no cake for me?! A pox on you, ingrate. Roth

Jen said...

Happy birthday to the kiddos and great job on the cakes!

Cassie Mae said...

Happy Birthday to the little nerds :) Hopefully the sugar rush won't destroy your house this weekend.

Donna Hole said...

Well, it is the attempt that matters, right?

I do like the fairy wings though.


Elisa Hirsch said...

These are awesome!!!

Christine Rains said...

Great looking cakes! Happy birthday to the kids. :)

Joshua said...

vic - We did party hardy, me hearty!

Andrew - You got it, dude. On the championing. Cake is gone.

Mynx - They were.

Juli - Yes, mmm, Rolos. Lightsaber cake? Glow sticks? Awesome.

Annika - Yay for cake! Cake all around!

DEZZ - Pretty sure, Dezzy.

S.L. - Note to self: December, Pirate Cake, Lauren. We'll see if that note sticks.

fishducky - Thank you!

Jaycee - I enjoy baking, but that treasure chest was a crumbly bitch.

Easy - I had tons of Rolo and gelt left over. You know, for the chef.

Adam - I'm surprised at the positive reaction to the treasure chest. It was a pain.

Brigid - I have a few months at least before I need to worry about it again. Although, The Boy's birthday is next week and I'll need to send cupcakes to school, so it's back to the store for more ingredients. I wonder what I should put on top?

Matthew - Thank you, kind sir.

Shell - A VW Bus cake? Groovy.

Indigo - The cake won't travel well. Unless you have a TARDIS or other instantaneous teleportation device. And if you do, I'm mad that you haven't shared it with me.

Jen - Thank you. Personally, the white cake tasted better, but that's probably because of the homemade buttercream frosting. Just saying.

Cassie - It did, naturally.

Donna - I'm proud of those fairy wings.

Elisa - Why thank you!

Christine - Thank you!

Kato said...

Goddamn your kids are lucky little creatures aren't they?

I want a cake for my birthday and I want A Big Daddy from Bioshock! Or a head crab from Half Life 2 :P