Saturday, June 2, 2012

So Say We All

You know, I had a whole post composed in my head since I just finished the entire 2004 reimagining of Battlestar Galactica yesterday, but I'm not going to do it. Why? Glad you asked. First and foremost, I don't know that any of you care at all. Second, I want to talk about spoilers, but I also don't want to ruin it for anyone that wants to watch the series. Suffice it to say, like most shows, it had its ups, it had its downs; controversial episodes, spectacular episodes, and awful episodes. The long and the short of it is that I liked it, and I'm glad it didn't go more than four seasons. It was the perfect length for that type of show, because in all honesty, if a show takes too long searching for something, the payoff better be worth it. I think that's what the problem was with LOST, and that BSG successfully avoided. Was I satisfied by the ending? Mostly yes, but I liked the show as a whole, so I'll be more forgiving if someone registered as odd. Loose ends be damned.

Also, Dirk Benedict (who played Starbuck in the original BSG back in 1978 and 1980) spoke out against the show because they changed "his" character to a woman. Guess what Faceman (yes, he also played Templeton "The Faceman" Peck in the original A-Team TV show), Starbuck played better as a grungy, pissed off, female Viper pilot than as a "rogue with a heart of gold" guy.

Just saying.

Word to the Nerd


Melissa Bradley said...

Heck yeah! I totally agree about Starbuck. Katee Sachoff did a magnificent job. I also concur with your thought that the ran its course in the right amount of time. I think LOST got lost and it drove me batty more than a few times.

I did love how the characters were completely well-rounded and had their good, bad, ugly and fine moments. There were no angelic characters. I loved how Dean Stockwell's Cylon was pissed off for being given the look of an old man.

Jamie Gibbs said...

I've not seen anything from BSG, but a lot of people I know say it's pretty awesome.

LOST annoyed the hell out of me very quickly.

Pickleope said...

I think I remember Dirk Benedict (no way is that his birth name) complaining about the new A-Team movie too. Is he just bitter that 80's cheese is dead?
I have the series on my queue so I appreciate you not spoiling it. I'm plowing through the BBC Torchwood now since you got me hooked on the Dr. Whoniverse (that's what they call it, right?).

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Wasn't too sure about the change at first, but Starbuck as a woman worked. While she wasn't my favorite character, I did really like the changes they made to Boomer and how she became Athena.
I liked it, although it had some low points (season three) but I kept watching and was just glad to see it finally end.

Scope said...

We are in the process of rewatching the series. I've seen the whole thing before, but my wife and daughter haven't. We've been off it since last summer, but the school year is wrapping up soon, and we will finish.

To avoid spoilers, I will say we are at the part where they did the little "web-isodes". I really liked the series. Yeah, some story lines seemed to drag on WAY-TO-LONG, but even then, it was top notch all the way. The only thing I don't like about the final episode was maybe the last 30 seconds. I'll take that. Better than the last episodes of Next Gen and Voyager put together.

So say we all.

Pearl said...

They lost me on Lost, so to speak, almost immediately...

Never watched BSG, although I have friends who went so far as go as characters from the show for Halloween. They're pretty silly, but they always have plenty of beer, so we remain on good terms.



Henri B. said...

I like when shows make their point then go off the air but I'm still bummed out when they end. I think that's how my foray into Anime started.

Starbucks in Starbucks:

fishducky said...

Two or three episodes of LOST was all I could stomach.

Christine Rains said...

BSG is awesome. I'm happy it didn't go any longer either. You're right about LOST too. Too long and I was disappointed at the end.

Juli said...

I never did LOST. Thankfully. From what I understand I was not missing anything.

Peggy Eddleman said...

So say we all! Or at least, so say me. To all of it.

Vapid Vixen said...

Ahh man! Another post where I have nothing to contribute because I don't know what the hell you're talking about.

Again. O_o

Donna Hole said...

I thought having the girl as Starbuck was weird at first, but the newer BSG was different in many ways. I didn't watch it for a season somewhere in there, and when I was able to start back again, I could follow all the story line again. Some time I'll get it on DVD and that should be easier to reconnect.

My son watch every episode, and the re-runs, and loved every moment though :)


NumberWhisperer said...

You should've written the post about it. We are total nerds, and we'll get the "BSG tonight?" text from our neighbor around 4pm every Friday. We're halfway through the last season, and while some episodes have been just terrible (like Unfinished Business), but others have been GREAT.

Write it.

Cassie Mae said...

Maybe this will have to do till WD comes back on.

Kato said...

I never watched it...but I most likely would like it...sound nerdy enough.


Joshua said...

Melissa - I love Dean Stockwell period.

Jamie - It's worth the watch.

Pickleope - I'm thinking I'll do a BSG recap with spoilers on Saturday, so fair warning. It'll be at the top of the post if I do get it done.

Alex - Yes, there were parts of season three that were just...huh?

Scope - Agreed, it was that last little exchange that gave me pause.

Pearl -

Henri - That is a fantastic picture. Stolen.

fishducky - It's not for everyone.

Christine - I can be forgiving, but LOST felt too much like they were trying to trick you.

Juli - It had some great moments, but still...not enough.

Peggy - So say we all.

Vixen - Sorry, lady. Again.

Donna - That's the beauty of Netflix.

NumberWhisperer - Stay tuned. I'm thinking -- if I find the time -- I'll do a spoiler-filled recap on Saturday.

Cassie - Shakes head.

Kato - You should. Do it now.