Thursday, June 21, 2012

Parting The Clouds

I've never been a great sleeper. Almost always light, fitful. With everything going on at work the last week, I'm pretty sure I have not been sleeping well.  And the fact that I'm exhausted this morning, brain moving slowly, gives that theory some weight.

So since I couldn't sleep last night, I started watching Shutter Island. For the first time. Yes, I know I'm behind. Regardless, I wasn't impressed. Sure the tale is winding and weaving, and there are details left out to give it that Gothic feel, that sense of urgency, and a feeling of isolation. In all honesty, it reminded me of that John Cusack movie from 2003, Identity. Clues are left that are muddled and obscured specifically to trick you. Unfortunately for Shutter Island, I found it pretty predictable the whole way through.

Anyway, not much else doing. Just digging out of emails and work, and I'm sure I'll eventually catch up on blog posts. Eventually.

I hope you all are well.

I'll be seeing you around.

Word to the Nerd


Pickleope said...

Is there a word for the opposite of personification? There should be. Also, all the internet is cats.

Tasha Seegmiller said...

There are times when I wish I could sleep less and work more, which might be strange.

Jamie Gibbs said...

Those cats are going to be sent around the office, thanks :)

Still not see shutter island - don't think I want to now :)

Padded Cell Princess said...

I finally felt like I got a good sleep the other night but Branden said I was thrashing around like crazy and talking in my sleep the whole least I slept well ;)
I love Lokitty! hehehe

Samantha said...

I enjoyed Shutter Island, but it wasn't b/c the story tricked me at the end. And I actually think I fell asleep the first time I saw it...but once I finally saw it all the way through...I liked it. But yes, kinda predictable.

And I don't all, ever...I'm so grouchy in the mornings & by mid afternoon...I'm ready to crash. It's terrible, and it's genetic, so I guess it's something that will always be.

J. A. Bennett said...

I hear ya on the sleep front. Pregnancy kind of ruin things and it doesn't help to have a two-year-old who wakes up twice a night needing the bathroom. Ugh. Funny/cute pic :)

Matthew MacNish said...

I like Shutter Island, but definitely did not think it ended up being as good as it looked at first.

fishducky said...

I usually sleep well but last night I made a few mistakes. Love your CATalogue!!

vic caswell (aspiring-x) said...

shutter island:
in general- meh
the ending- crapola
the visuals- fanfreakintastic.

my take.

Cassie Mae said...

I was too much of a wimp to watch Shutter Island. The previews gave me the heebies.

Kimberlee Turley said...

That is so adorable!

Henri B. said...

Nick Furry is an AWESOME name for a kitty! If I'm ever allowed to get another (not likely after Mr. Bruce Wayne Banner) that will be his name!

And I enjoyed Shutter Island because I like movies that convey how terrifyingly real hallucinations and delusions are for the mentally ill. I never really thought what was happening to him could have been happening. I felt the same way about Pan's Labyrinth, which makes that movie a super bummer.

Jen said...

See, I like Shutter Island and Identity. I agree that Shutter Island was rather predictable but I had no idea what was coming with Identity...

LOVE the cat superheroes!

Indigo Roth said...

Hey Joshua! Yeah, I felt much the same about SHUTTER ISLAND. Seen it all before. <uch like John Carpenter's THE WARD. Meh. Indigo

The Golden Eagle said...

Never seen Shutter Island--too bad it was predictable.

Great graphic.

Juli said...

right there with ya.... I feel like I'll never catch up on all the posts. The best I will hope for is the last one written. :)

Peggy Eddleman said...

I sleep like the dead as soon as my head hits the pillow. Too bad the ability to stay awake and think, or the ability to fall asleep instantly isn't something you can just choose night to night, isn't it? Sure would make things easier.

I hope your work issues get worked out quickly!

Annika said...

I did not care for Shutter Island.

But I like your cat-pic :).

Brigid Daull Brockway said...

I think that the way in which Shutter Island worked was in its portrayal of the history of the treatment of people with mental illness and the debate over treatments that continues to this day (medicate and separate vs. teach and rehabilitate). It very much reminded me of the book Mad in America, a non-fiction book about the history of mental health care.
As a mystery/thriller, I'd give it a "meh."
If you have time, though, I do strongly suggest reading Mad in America. It's excellent, if a little biased.

Joshua said...

Pickleope - Cats invented the Internet, so that's the reason why.

Tasha - Not me. Sleep is good for ideas, but I want to be able to get up and start moving as soon as I wake. Can't do it.

Jamie - It's worth one watch, but it felt like it was trying too hard.

Princess - Lokitty is pricelss.

Samantha - I'm also not a morning a person.

J.A. - I remember sleeping (or not sleeping) next to a pregnant woman. That's not fun.

Matthew - Very much agreed.

fishducky - What mistakes?!

vic - Seconded.

Cassie - Meh. Not that scary.

Kimberlee - Isn't it? Love it.

Henri - I would totally name a black cat Nick Furry.

Jen - I loved IDENTITY, and didn't really mind SHUTTER ISLAND, but it felt disjointed.

Indigo - Exactly.

Golden Eagle - It was a good find.

Juli - I finally just caught up on posts this morning, and now I'm catching up on commenting back. It feels good to accomplish something, even if it is something small compared to other things that I should be doing.

Peggy - I wish I could sleep like that.

Annika - I'm glad I'm not the only one.

Brigid - It would have done better as a documentary instead of a suspense.

Kato said...

I just watched that movie a month ago and I share your thoughts. Didn't hate it, didn't love it. And I knew what was coming halfway through.