Monday, June 11, 2012

Just One Man

In all truth, the hardest part about today is over. I made it out of bed and into work on time. Seriously, though, I walked into a shit storm upon my arrival, and three hours to do it all. I beat the deadline by 22 minutes. Hence the lateness of this post.

It was an . . . interesting weekend, to say the least. Busy, busy, busy, but mostly in the good way. Pool time with friends, family movie night to introduce the kids to Hook, and swim lessons. Not to mention cleaning the house. Then there were the Tony Awards last night.

Having backgrounds in theatre, we enjoy the Tony's. Last night was no exception. Did you ever see the movie Once? It was and amazing story of and Irish street busker and a Czech immigrant, and about music. Apparently they turned this story into a stage musical. I was not intrigued until last night. It looked and sounded so amazing, and took home the top award for a new musical. Good for them.

However, the best story of the night was James Corden. Don't know James Corden? Well, he's a Doctor Who alum that we loved, as well as his performance in Gavin and Stacey. He was nominated for the top award for a leading actor in a play alongside well-known actors John Lithgow, Frank Langella, James Earl Jones, and Philip Seymour Hoffman. And against those men and those odds . . .

Congratulations, Mr. James Corden, on your deserved win for One Man, Two Guvnors.

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Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Sorry work was hell when you got there. Didn't watch the Tonys. Don't even remember what I watched!

Padded Cell Princess said...

I love Once! Branden and I like singing the song together but I had no idea someone made it into a musical. Sounds like it must be pretty good! I also love James Corden. He's brilliant and I think it's fantastic he won a Tony!
How did your kids like Hook? I never could watch the part where they put the guy in the trunk and he screams...actually, I still don't watch that part! hehehe

Johanna Garth said...

I loved Once! Had no idea it's a musical now. I think I need to get tickets!!

Matthew MacNish said...

What's your theater background? I used to work in the IATSE, and my dad was the stage manger for The Seattle Opera when I was growing up.

Jamie Gibbs said...

Nice, I didn't realise Corden did theatre!

Also, Hook = an epic movie that all kids need to see. Bangarang! Have you heard that there's meant to be a new movie focused on Rufio?

Anonymous said...

Heck yeah for James Corden! I really should watch the award shows where the people who deserve to win actually do. :)

Pickleope said...

That rocks! I just watched his episode this weekend.
I'm curious how the kids liked Hook. Does it stand the test of time? They have to love the food fight scene, right?

Henri B. said...

Get out! I love that guy!

Emily White said...

I'm so sorry your day has been awful. :( I did not watch the Tony Awards last night. I think I played a board game with the hubs and my parents.

Christine Rains said...

That is so cool that James Corden won. Well done, man, well done!

Samantha said...

Glad that the worst part of your day is over and you made it out alive :)

LOVE Hook...haven't really introduced it to Bree fully...but it's in my Netflix que :)

Indigo Roth said...

Hey Joshua! Thanks for this, I had no idea you were an old luvvie! Great news about Mr. Corden, too. Hats off to my fellow overweight Brit. Indigo

Joshua said...

Alex - When I pull up to the building and see my boss's car and he doesn't get here until an hour after me, I know something's wrong.

Princess - The music from the musical sounded amazing on the Tony's last night.

Johanna - Yes you do! And then tell me how it is.

Jamie - I didn't until last night. He looked amazing in the clips they showed. A Rufio movie? Weird.

Cassie - The Tony's are just awesome to watch. Much better than the Oscars, and I like the Oscars.

Pickleope - They liked Hook. Not sure they really got everything, because their reactions were not as great as I'd hoped.

Henri - He's awesome.

Emily - At least it's finally over!

Christine - Yes indeed.

Samantha - I thought the worst was over, but I had one more report to do, and that took all day.

Indigo - I think "old luvvie" is a good thing. Right?

Mynx said...

I hadn't heard of "Once" until yesterday but now I feel like I need to find the movie and watch it.
We didn't get the Tony's televised here but I am told it won a heap of awards.
The only news we got from the awards was a presentation to Hugh Jackman

Stephanie D said...

I have a lot of the music from Once, but haven't watched the movie yet. A must see, I'm told!

Janie Junebug said...

You are a true Renaissance man.

Janie Junebug

Scope said...

I love all the cameos in Hook. Jimmy Buffett, David Crosby, etc.

Annika said...

Sounds like you had a good time, even though it's hectic.

I don't watch TV anymore, hence I miss all award shows. That doesn't mean I "miss" them, but it's good to be updated :-).

Joshua said...

Mynx - You do! It has great music and some fantastic scenes.

Stephanie - You need to watch it. I think Rudolph might even enjoy it.

Janie - Merci.

Scope - I don't remember Jimmy Buffett. I'll look for him next time.

Annika - It's a little depressing to see all the things I've missed, though.

Deniz Bevan said...

Ooh, they turned Once into a musical? I love that movie.

Kato said...

I have never seen that movie, but I have always wanted to! Thanks for reminding me!

Joshua said...

Deniz - Yes, and it looks and sounds spectacular.

Kato - You're welcome. Do see it.