Friday, May 25, 2012

Weighted Revelation

First, Happy Towel Day.

As a fan and writer of post-apocalyptica, I bring you this amazing news.

The Great War of 2185 is over, but my nightmare has just begun. I am being held captive in the Queen’s ship awaiting interrogation. My only possible ally is the princess, but I’m unsure if she is really my friend or a trap set by the Queen to fool me into sharing the secret of my gift. A gift I keep hidden even from myself. It swirls inside my body begging for release, but it is the one thing the Queen can never discover. Will I have the strength to keep the secret? I’ll know the answer soon. If the stories are true about the interrogators, I’ll either be dead or a traitor to my people by morning.

Weighted by Ciara Knight
Weighted is a young adult post-apocalyptic with paranormal elements. It is a prequel novelette to The Neumarian Chronicles, and will be released August 2012. Book I, Escapement, will be released in 2013.

Direct Link to Add Weighted to Goodreads Shelf.

In other news, I was driving back from Whole Foods yesterday, and while waiting for the red light to change, something caught my eye. I detoured for a moment, confirmed what I had seen, and took a picture.

That's a $55,000 Lotus Elise S. And it was parked at McDonald's. I guess even the small-penised rich get Big Mac Attacks.

Lastly, Mom and Dad went to Hawaii yesterday. I sweat they didn't tell me where they were going to be catching that cruise. Regardless, I get the standard, "Arrived in Hawaii. Aloha!" text when they arrive, because they know I'd worry. A little while later, Dad sent me this picture.

Great; even Hard Rock Cafe gets my favorite car, the VW Thing. I don't mind the paint or the surfboards, but take that crap off the front end. And then ship it to me.

I hope you all get a great, relaxing weekend, and that everyone gets the three-day variety.

*License: The first is used with permission; I took the second; my dad took the third.

Word to the Nerd


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

"We're in Hawaii and you're not!"
So the text seemed to say...
Very excited for Ciara!

Scope said...

It's funny that if you are offered either of those vehicles, you wouldn't be driving the Lotus.

You would take the Lotus, sell it, and but the Thing.

Annika said...

I was going to say something else, but then my mind drifted off from seeing that Lotus... Yu-hum. Love cars.

Joshua said...

Alex - Oh...damn, you're right.

Scope - I'd drive it once, but The Thing is more practical. Kind of. Sort of.

Annika - I saw it across four lanes of busy traffic. The color caught my eye, and then I realized what it was. Never been that close to one before.

Ciara said...

Thanks so much for sharing WEIGHTED on your blog today! You are so awesome.

I read the text the same way Alex did. I receive those from my parents every once in awhile. :) I'm jealous they have that kind of freedom. LOL

Joshua said...

Ciara - Not a problem. Spread the word, spread the love. I'm jealous they have that freedom, too. Some day...

Danielle B. said...

I about choked on my eggs reading the lotus comment. So true tho.

Hope your parents have fun!

Janie Junebug said...

I remember the Thing. My dad got pissed off because he asked me what kind of car it was. I said, The Thing. hahahahaha He didn't believe me.


Teri Brown said...

That's so weird about the Lotus, because a guy at my gym has one exactly like that--it's yellow, too. I told my husband about it last week, to which he replied, "what's a guy with a Lotus doing working out at 24 hour Fitness?".

My hypothesis? He spent all his money on the car and can't afford to work out at a fancy gym (or eat fancy food) now.

Padded Cell Princess said...

I'd pass on the Lotus as well but I'd take a Morgan any day! And I don't care really what kind! The Thing is pretty cool so have your parents get some measurements to check if it will fit in the overhead compartment for their flight back ;)

vic caswell (aspiring-x) said...

that cover is absolutely gorgeous.

Hope Roberson said...

That book sounds awesome! I'll add it to my list :) And I'll be dreaming I'm in Hawaii driving that VW jeep today. Have a good one!

Samantha said...

My Mom and Dad took a weekend to the beach not too long ago, and I woke Saturday morning to a picture from my Dad of an ocean view breakfast he was having. Pissed me off, so I took a picture of my kitchen and the bowl of cheerios I was having...hoping to make him feel bad :)

That Lotus is a beautiful car...I think I'd be too nervous to drive it if I had one. It would just sit in my driveway, or by my card board box b/c I went broke after purchasing it.

Paige Kellerman said...

I love when cars are so expensive, I don't even know what they're thank you...LOL

Jaleh D said...

I probably wouldn't have picked up Weighted by the cover, not much into post apocalyptic type stories, but the blurb is fascinating. Gonna go add that to my to-read list so I don't forget to pick it up when it comes out.

Cassie Mae said...

I'm drooling over that car. Yes, I'm that vain when it comes to something as sexy looking as that. And if I ever get rich and get my dream car, I'd still shop at Walmart and eat at Taco Bell.

Deniz Bevan said...

We had our three day weekend last week... I want another one!
My parents went to Hawaii and all I got was a postcard of them, with a parrot on my dad's shoulder...

Stephanie D said...

I'll pass on both cars...but I'll take the vacation to Hawaii!
Enjoy your weekend!

Johanna Garth said...

LOL, I get "Greetings from Rio de Janeiro" kind of postcards and emails. Sometimes I'm tempted to respond with "Greetings from Fernhill Park where I'm watching my kid's soccer game".

Super Earthling said...

Weighted sounds like a great read, and what a terrific cover! I wish Ciara tons of sales and fabulous reviews. :)

Liked the car but liked your description of the rich even better. LOL

Your traveling parents sound like a riot, Joshua!


DEZMOND said...

Ciara really does have a nice little cover for her new book! Congrats!

Christine Rains said...

Weighted sounds fabulous. And I love that cover! Happy Geek Pride Day! Have an awesome weekend.

fishducky said...

We were on the freeway going to meet my daughter & son-in-law for dinner when we saw a GORGEOUS sports car--a TESLA! We had never heard of them so I asked my son-in-law (a car maven) about them. He said they're all electric, can go well over 100 mph & sell for about $100,000! I WANT ONE!!!!!!!!!!

Joshua said...

Danielle - It is quite true.

Janie - I almost bought one once. Should have when I had the chance.

Teri - My exact thoughts on the McDonald's eating.

Princess - Hey, if someone offered me one as a gift, I'd take it. Then, of course, sell it, buy a cheaper car, and bank the remainder.

vic - Indeed it is.

Hope - I'm not a fan of the beach, so they can have Hawaii. I'll take woods and mountains.

Samantha - And if Dad sends me any beach pics, I might be tempted to text him a pic of some dog poop.

Paige - You're welcome.

Jaleh - Converted!

Cassie - Toxic Hell. Oh my.

Deniz - I want one every weekend.

Stephanie - I think you should go enjoy Hawaii.

Johanna - I think I might start that. Let's call it a meme.

Super Earthling - It's an apt description.

DEZZ - I think so, too.

Christine - Geek Pride Day, indeed.

Kimberlee Turley said...

I used to live near Monterey, CA and would often see expensive cars like this parked at the McDonalds right across from the wharf.

And it's not necessarily that they were eating there, but they knew they'd get free parking verses having to pay the fee if they parked across the street in the wharf's lot. (Which sounds even more cheap, doesn't it?)

Joshua said...

fishducky - Excuse me a second... YOU SAW A TESLA?! So jealous. Amazing car and I so want one.

Kimberlee - Well, where this guy was parked, it was either McDonald's or a Picadilly. either way.

Pickleope said...

If you looked closer at the yellow car you might have seen a pillow and blanket because the owner can't afford rent and now eats at McDonald's and sleeps in his over-compensator.
A good weekend to you too, sir.

The Golden Eagle said...

Happy Towel Day to you, too!

Ciara's cover is getting a lot of attention in the blogosphere today.

Ciara said...

vic - Thanks so much!

Hope - Thanks for adding it to your list.

Jaleh - I'm glad the blurb got your attention.

Thanks so much, Super Earthling!!

Thanks, Dezmond and Christine,

Gina Gao said...

This is a very good post. I really enjoy your style of writing.

Anna Smith said...

The yellow car looks nice, yeah I just called it a yellow car, the other one not so much! :)

Gwen Gardner said...

I'm seeing Weighted all over the blogosphere. Looks good, I'll put it on my TBR list. Also, your parents sound like a riot!

Leslie Pugh said...

I'm so glad I found your blog because your posts and pics crack me up! I love the text from Hawaii. Gonna have to try that next time I actually get there.

Eolist Petite said...

i will be giggling about the Lotus at McDonald's for weeks... best i ever saw was a Lamborghini at Walmart.

Joshua said...

Pickleope - I didn't want to get caught looking, so you might be right.

Golden Eagle - And rightly so.

Ciara - Thanks for asking.

Gina - Thank you.

Anna - The Thing?! It's a great car.

Gwen - Riot is one word for them.

Leslie - As long as it's not me, that's fine.

Eolist - Now that would be a sight.