Thursday, May 24, 2012

It's A Hard Nerd Life

The view on the drive in this morning. A few minutes earlier, it was an orange
ball between the horizon and the cloud cover.
First and foremost, I love being a Nerd. Screw any stigma and negative associations with the word. This is me and I embrace it. That said, sometimes it gets a little overwhelming.

It's a steady stream of questions covering a variety of subjects. I think yesterday was a little more than usual, and my brain shut down. It started with a question about using a Roku to stream Hulu Plus through a television, and ended with my brother asking how to tune a ukulele. In between, topics ranged from spelling words to unjamming a copier to training someone how to use the folding machine.

Truth be told, it generally doesn't bother me. I like being the person people come to for help or advice or whatever. Yesterday was just a mad barrage.

Then the woman on the radio this morning kept saying "fictitional" when she meant fictional or fictitious, all I saw was white . . . but that's for next Tuesday's Top Five list.

But before I go, I saw a vanity license plate that rivals the best license plate I've ever seen. The other simply said "SSDD" (that picture is on my laptop, and it's not on so I can't remote over to it right now). This one was spectacular.

Too bad the car wasn't green.

*License: I took these pictures.

Word to the Nerd


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I get asked a lot of geek questions as well.

Danielle B. said...

I not a nerd, more like a dork. I can get the technical stuff done but I'm a complete dork about it. My kids say I'm a know-it-all. Well, what do they know.

Love the "Yoshi" plate. So cool.

A Daft Scots Lass said...

The sunrise was absa lootly stunning, sweetie.

Cassie Mae said...

That's when the phrase "I don't know" can work in your favor.

Matthew MacNish said...

We added Hulu Plus to our Sony Google TV Blu-ray the other day and then promptly deleted the account.

You're telling me I have to pay a monthly fee and STILL watch commercials. I don't think so.

Morgan said...

LOL! Sounds exhausting living in your brain! ;)

S. L. Hennessy said...

I'm definitely a nerd, but I've been fortunate enough to escape those kinds of questions by sucking with technology (I'm more of a book nerd). Sounds like you had a stressful nerd day. Not fun.

If I had that license plate (which I'm now jealous of), I would absolutely paint the car green. With red bits on the top.

Pickleope said...

I have a friend named Yoshi (not a nickname, it's on his birth certificate). He insisted people call him Kevin instead. It took years to convince him to how cool a name he has. Now he embraces it.

Janie Junebug said...

I confess: I don't understand the YOSHI plate. Does the folding machine fold laundry? If it does, I want to hop in my time machine, travel to about 1980, and have it fold all the laundry I did while my children and Dr. X were growing up.


vic caswell (aspiring-x) said...

ooohhhh.... i wonder if it was l.c. in the car!?!?!?!?!

Samantha said...

Ah, Yoshi...absolutely LOVE him. Love how he eats anything...especially those fire ball spitting green plants :)

I've unleashed my inner comic nerd...last weekend, the Avengers unleashed it. Now I'm all about watching some Wolverine and catching up on all of the movies I've missed over the years. I do like 'superheros'...

D'Artagnan said...

If that van shat an egg I'm going to be very disappointed.

Tracy Makara said...

I totally get being the go to person for nerd questions! Like you, most of the time I do not mind...there are times when I just want to hide out somewhere so that my brain has time to breathe. Lovely sunrise pic! The license plate is really cool too. Sometimes you see an awesome plate and wonder why you didn't think of it...well I do. :)

Janna said...

My husband takes pictures of license plates. His favorite one so far has been KAHN

Annika said...

It might be a hard Nerd Life, but you're obviously good at it :).

Love the pic, and I also want an awesome license plate. Mine's so boring.

fishducky said...

I don't understand the YOSHI plate, either--or the SSDD one. I'm so out of it--JUST SHOOT ME!!

Stephanie D said...

There's a lady who drives a smart car in my neighborhood and her license plate says "THIMBL". It totally looks like a thimble!

Keep on being nerdy! :)

Christine Rains said...

YOSHI! That's awesome! Since we got our new car and we needed to get a new plate, my husband looked in to getting a personalized one. All the good ones were taken. Even TRAD and GROGNARD. (Now if you know what those mean, high five!)

DEZMOND said...

Roku and Hulu and Yoshi?.... I guess I'm not a nerd after all :)

Joshua said...

Alex - "We few, we happy few, we band of brothers."

Danielle - My kids aren't old enough to call me a know-it-all yet. Soon enough.

Lass - It was a great one this morning.

Cassie - That phrase is not in my vocabulary. I'd rather look it up and know.

Matthew - Good to know. I'll pass that along as well.

Morgan - Often times it is.

S.L. - Abso-frakking-lutely.

Pickleope - When people started calling me that, and I met a man named Yoshi, I almost legally changed my name.

Janie - You could try, but it would probably snag.

vic - If only!

Samantha - YES! Release that comic nerd.

D'Artagnan - And a bit surprising.

Tracy - I'm fine with it today; back to normal rate of fire.

Janna - KAHN! Are you serious? That's fantastic.

Annika - Mine is, too. Maybe some day.

fishducky - Yoshi is the character from Mario. SSDD = Same Shit Different Day.

Stephanie - That's hysterical.

Christine - Word up, lady. I started on 2ed, and couldn't/didn't want to switch to a new format so I stopped.

DEZZ - You have other areas of expertise.

Juli said...

A friend of mine has a bumper sticker that says I love nerds.

Because really? What's not to love?

And for the record... Bonus Brother is a proud pro-claimer of his nerd status. His father, being the jock from high school, was mortified. :)

Teri Brown said...

"Fictitional"??? That would drive me insane.

I'm one of those annoying people who points out grammar and spelling mistakes anywhere and everywhere. I can't help it. Yesterday, I received an email stating that "it's not to late to enter" a short story contest. Can you guess why I wasn't scrambling to get in before the deadline?

The Golden Eagle said...

That reminds me of a license plate I saw a few days ago that said PEACH.

Scope said...

I thought I was a nerd. I mean, I've coded (like from scratch COBOL) financial systems for a billion dollar company. Last weekend, I couldn't get a universal remote to do what I needed to do with the new home theater.

Donna Hole said...

you sound like our IT guy at an all agency meeting :) Sometimes I'll ask him a question and he doesn't have time to answer, and I'm polite enough to say "OK no problem" and leave him alone. He always gets back to me, and I think it bugs him more when I forget what I wanted from him than me asking in the first place. His first response is nearly always "You didn't try to fix it yourself did you?"

Nerds are cool, nothing wrong with being one :)

I want a SSDD plate . .


Joshua said...

Juli - He should be proud of it. I'm pretty sure I blogged it once, but I found a bumper sticker that said "Choose Your Weapon" and had pictures of set of D&D dice.

Teri - She said it three or four times while talking about a news story. Ugh.

Golden Eagle - Nicely spotted! I saw one on my way home yesterday that said SMEAGOL. I couldn't snap a pic of it.

Scope - As nice as they can be, I'm not a fan of universal remotes. Especially with kids around to screw up the coding.

Donna - "You didn't try to fix it yourself did you?" eh? I should get that on a shirt. And business cards.

Ruth Schiffmann said...

I never thought of my husband as a nerd but he is definitely the go to guy in our family. Funny, yesterday he dealt with the Roku/Hulu thing and a finicky copier - no ukulele. Although the he did also fix a leaky roof for my mother. Yeah, he's a handy guy to have around, but like you, he gets overwhelmed with it all sometimes.

That "fictitional" thing would have driven me nuts!

Kato said...

Nerds are my favorite people! Always have been!

Joshua said...

Ruth - Same woman says made-up words all the time. She said one this morning, but I can't remember it. Just remember that, at the time, it was irritating.

Kato - Word.