Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A-to-Z Challenge: V

Since the All-Time Ninja Captain, Mr. Alex J. Cavanaugh, tagged me in his V post, I've made the slight tweak to get my V post up early. So, I'm sleeping in this shirt tonight. Thanks, Alex! It's an honor. I have a special image below, just for you.

The end is near! And not in the Mayans 2012 kind of way. The Challenge nears the end, and so we go on.

V is for Voltron.

Because if anyone can protect us from the Mayans and their crazy predictions, it would be Voltron, Defender of the Universe.

Again, if you didn't catch it, but this Voltron in the image? Yeah, it's a USB Flash Drive. Amazing. I want one.

All right, since it's the middle of the night and I don't usually post until the morning, I don't have a writing for this Wednesday. I was going to do a Nerd haiku in Alex's honor for tagging me, but I decided on this shirt that I have dubbed:

Ninja Nerd
It's very subtle computer joke. It made me laugh.

Happy Wednesday, Nerdlings.

Now, take your humping over to Alex's blog and show him some love. Also, he's doing a giveaway. Just saying.

*License: I took the first three pictures, and linked the shirt from Zazzle..

Word to the Nerd


Jaycee DeLorenzo said...

Yay for early posts!

Voltron! Great shirt.

I love the Ninja shirt. Funny. :D

Cassie Mae said...

Dude I have a tech deck USB. It's freakin' awesome.

S. L. Hennessy said...

Wow, you made Alex's blog. That's pretty huge. Congrats!

Love the Voltron shirt. And the ninja shirt (and TOTALLY want that flash drive. Bad.) Though I must admit, while I am decidedly a nerd, and do love ninjas, I'm sort of team pirate. I'm a pirate nerd. Or maybe pirate-ninja nerd. Does that exist? If so, it's me.

Empty Nest Insider said...

I just came over from Ninja Alex's site. Clever T-shirts and "V" post! Nice meeting you! Julie

J.C. Martin said...

LOL. Great ninja T-shirt! I remember the phrase "Voltron: Defender of the Universe" but can't say I've ever watched the cartoon. Think Transformers was as robot-techy as I got as a kid. :)

J.C. Martin
A to Z Blogger

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Joshua, thanks buddy! I get Ninja Nerd and a dose of Voltron. You rock, dude. Enjoy your feature.

Ciara said...

Alex is so awesome to his followers. I have major blog love for him. LOVE that shirt. Perfect!

MOCK! said...

Alex talked you up enough that I am officially a new follower! Look forward to exploring your blog!

C.M.Brown said...

Both the tshirts are great, but really like the USB. Alex's site looks great too, you did a fantastic job!

Pickleope said...

It's a USB drive!?! I would love one. As a kid, like many kids of my age, I had part of a Voltron. I had the torso, a leg and an arm. It was like amputee Voltron. Never knew anyone who had a complete set. Lament.

D'Artagnan said...

We may well be nerd isotopes with differing mass numbers.

Juli said...

I had forgotten all about Voltron. And really? how could I.... he's frickin' Voltron!

And yes, I'd like one too. Thanks.

Joshua said...

Jaycee - Glad you approve of the early post, and the shirts.

Cassie - Hardcore.

S.L. - If it wasn't $54 with shipping, I'd totally buy it here.

Empty Nest Insider - Welcome! Nice to meet you, too.

J.C. - I'm afraid to watch it now, thinking it won't live up to the memory of what was.

Alex - I saw that Ninja shirt and went, "Yep, that's the one." Plus, it fits the t-shirt theme I've been going with. Win-win-win. Thanks again!

Ciara - I'm a huge fan of Alex's, too. So glad I found him.

MOCK! - Loving the Ming the Merciless image you have going on there.

C.M. - I want one of those USB drives, but at $54 I think it would be cheaper to find the actual toys.

Pickleope - They have been lost in time, but my brother and I had all five growing up. However, there was so much fighting between us that it rarely took full form.

D'Artagnan - Love that you have the same shirt. Excellence.

Juli - You can buy it here for only $54!

kmckendry said...

I remember Voltran! I used to watch it with my little brother! Thanks for making me laugh! :) And congrats on the shout out from Alex!

Christine Rains said...

Voltron is awesome! I watched it before it was cool along with Battle of the Planets. I like the ninja shirt too. Congrats on your feature. V for Nerd Victory!

vic caswell (aspiring-x) said...

*whispers* i don't know who voltron is...

i think alex made the BEST pics today!

Heather M. Gardner said...

That is awesome.
And thank you for sharing it.

A Daft Scots Lass said...

Ninja Nerd shirt is brilliant.

Tyrean Martinson said...

Fun and funny - thank you! Just hopping over from Alex's blog.

Lady Gwen said...

Yay, you made Alex's "V" post! Voltron - an old boyfriend (long, long ago) named our dog Voltron!

Sarah Ahiers said...

Man. I used to use flash drives all the time. And now that i don't, they have cool ones everywhere!!

DEZMOND said...

Oooh, I remember Voltron defender of the Universe :) The film has been in plan for ages now...

Padded Cell Princess said...

Please don't shun me...I had to look up Voltron. (my nerd is at the library) I kept thinking he may have been a cartoon version of that thing that the Power Rangers made. I'm blaming my parents who didn't have TV when we were kids!

Johanna Garth said...

New follower from Alex.

Love the t-shirt!

Donna K. Weaver said...

This is an excellent V choice. My kids were really into Voltron.

Love the Ninja Tshirt. I want one!

Matthew MacNish said...

Plus, even the Wu-Tang clan raps about Voltron, so you know it's dope.

Cherie Reich said...

Awesome Voltron and Ninja shirts!

Dropping by from Alex's blog. :)

cleemckenzie said...

Now you're famous. What next? I happen to be partial to Nerds. They save my non-techi self a lot.

Donna Hole said...

This post made me laugh :)

I never understood how kids can sleep in pj's with those - screen prints - on them. Hot, sticky; definitely uncomfortable looking.


Jaleh D said...

I never watched Voltron, but my hubs did. I bet he would love a Voltron flash drive. Nerd things are so much fun!

I may have to get the ninja shirt for my sister for her birthday. She loves ninja themed things.

Lance said...

the t-shirt and the action figure are just awesome. i want them

M Pax said...

Came over from Alex's. :) Great to meet you.

I used to watch Voltran with my younger brother when I was home on break. Did you watch Heman, too? That was one of my favorites.

Annika said...

:O I've never heard of Voltron.

However, that Ninja shirt is awesome.

The Golden Eagle said...

Congratulations on the mention at Alex's blog!

And really, ninja class CSS? I love that.

The Golden Eagle
The Eagle's Aerial Perspective

Tina said...

Alex, the Amazing Ninja Captain sent me. Nerds of the world, unite! Here are my two favorite nerd jokes.

3 out of 2 people have trouble with fractions.
If life gives you melons, you know you're dyslexic.

I'm word nerd by choice and a math nerd by degree. Used it to teach and tutor for a season. Now I'm lucky to be home with my two teen boys and be "the house" where all gather. I like that designation. Upon arriving home, the first question is usually, "How many extra do we have today?" Big grocery bills, lots of chances to know your kids' friends. it's a good thing.
My theme for the challenge has been lessons in Swedish. A word, a cultural thing, and a childhood memory in each post. It's been a fun ride.
Tina @ Life is Good
Co-Host of the April A to Z Challenge
Twitter: @AprilA2Z #atozchallenge

Smedette said...

Love the ninja shirt. You crack me up.

Cora said...

I am continually amazed at how many t-shirts you have. Wowza!

Scope said...

Voltron - Freshman year in college. We would all gather in the dorm lounge, and watch Voltron, then go to the dining hall for dinner.

Yeah, the 5 Lion Voltron, not the car Voltron.

And why didn't he just start off with the Blazing Sword? Seriously?

Emily L. Moir said...

That USB flash drive is awesome!

Leigh Covington said...

hehehe. Great shirts!

Kate said...

Out of curiosity, do you have a Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors T-shirt?

Joshua said...

kmckendry - You're welcome for the laugh.

Christine - Voltron is up on Netflix now, just saying.

vic - Come on, vic! Get thee to Netflix!! Your boys will love it.

Heather - You are welcome.

Lass - It is quite brilliant.

Tyrean - Thanks for making the hop.

Lady Gwen - A dog named Voltron? Awesome. I knew someone with a dog named Jango after Jango Fett. Same woman whose husband convinced her to name their son Anakin. She didn't know until way after her was born.

Sarah - Cool yes, but also very costly.

DEZ - Is it animated or live action CGI?

Princess - I blame them now, too.

Johanna - Thanks for coming by. Alex's word sure gave me a boost yesterday. As if there was any doubt.

Donna - I'm thinking I need to find this Ninja shirt myself. And for one of my co-workers.

Matthew - Word.

Cherie - And I'm so glad that you did.

cleemckenzie - What's next? The letter W, of course.

Donna - Probably the same way I sleep in these tees every night.

Jaleh - Good call!

Lance - Voltron tee was at Target. The Voltron flash drive is waaaay too much money.

M Pax - I used to watch Voltron and He-Man religiously as a kid. Thundercats was always my favorite.

Annika - Never heard...?

Golden Eagle - I know, right? Ninja CSS is brilliance defined.

Tina - And there are 10 types of people when it comes to binary.

Smedette - Thank you. You're welcome.

Cora - Better amazed than disappointed.

Scope - I never thought about it before, but yeah...why not just start with the sword.

Emily - Yes it is.

Leigh - Thank you.

Kate - No, sorry. No Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors shirt.

Melissa Bradley said...

Loved Voltron as a kid. Heck I still do. :) And how awesome that you were mentioned by Captain Alex. What an awesome Ninja and friend he is.

Joshua said...

Melissa - He is one of the good guys.

wizzardSS said...

Four months ago, I showed my girlfriend your blog saying how I loved the ninja shirt.

My birthday was last week and amongst my presents was something that felt decidedly clothing-like.

I nearly screamed with joy :)