Monday, April 16, 2012

A-to-Z Challenge: N

We start on the second half of this A-to-Z Challenge.

N is for Nintendo Controller.

The classic Nintendo Controller. I have a matching wallet. Don't say Nerds can't coordinate.

The following story is a bit long for these A-to-Z posts, but something happened Saturday that needs to be told. I won't be offended if you skip to the comments, but I think this story is hysterical.

Last week was horrific and stressful in this real life I live, such that by week's end, we were wiped out. So, halfway between a jam-packed weekend, we hired a sitter and treated ourselves to a nice dinner out at one of our favorite places, The Melting Pot.

Little did we know that it was prom weekend around these parts. Not having a kid in high school makes that kind of thing oblivious. Plus, when I was in high school, I'm pretty sure it was not the second weekend in April. Just saying. Anyway, we get there, they take us right to our table, and the evening is underway.

You know the couple that sits on the same side of the table? That's us when we're sans children. At some point, The Wife turns to me and I see something catch her eye, so I glance behind me. That's when we realized it was prom. The table had two couples, boy-girl on one side, and the same on the other. I could see one couple clearly, and there was at least a two-foot space of booth seat between them. They were seated side-by-side, no one was smiling, and the only interaction they had with each other was when they switched out dipping forks into the boiling pot between them. We had a snicker, and went on with our meal. The next part came without warning.

One of the girls decided she must use the bathroom. Well, apparently trains are "in" this season, because as she walked down the aisle between tables...her date was carrying the train of her dress. He and his hot pink vest that matched her dress. Also "in" fashion? Sequins. All over the place.

So, as she goes walking past us—again, her date carrying the back of her dress—we catch eye contact with a couple on the other side of this aisle. And that's when the evening went from good to great.

The foursome of adults were sitting like we were—on the same side as your date, sitting close together, having a good time. And the look the guy facing me made when he saw the teen guy carrying that dress train...I was in tears laughing so hard.

We were cordial when the kids were present, and we thought the night couldn't possibly get any better. Then it did.

Around 8:30pm, there began a mass exodus of dolled up girls and boys heading toward the exit. Prom awaited. The six of us—that's us plus the two other adult couples—watched the parade of dresses. Some were horrific; very few were noteworthy in the "nicely done" category. Lots of peach-orange, lots of black, and a metric shit tonne of sequins. At one point The Wife returned from the restroom, stopped at the table with the other adults, and said, "There are sequins...all over the bathroom floor." More laughter ensued. The parade continued—there had to be at least 30 couples. Suddenly, the guy I can see at the other table turns to me, eyes wide, and laughingly says, "Tattoo." I couldn't make out what it was, he was laughing so hard, and I can only imagine at this point.

We settled our bill after the exodus, and stopped to chat with the other couples for a moment, to share with them the parts they couldn't see, namely the "no talking, we're all going to sit here on our phones" scene. We all had another laugh, and one of the other guys says, "We need to do this every prom."

The scene we came upon as we stepped outside was the cherry on top of that sundae.

At least 12 couples, probably closer to 15, were about to clown car it into a stretch Hummer.

I wanted to run inside and tell the other couples, but The Wife nudged me toward the car. As I pulled away, I saw the other four adults standing outside the door to the restaurant, all of them grinning.

*License: I took all of these pictures.

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Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

The prom was always so overrated. And the guy was wearing matching pink? Really hope that was at his date's insistence!

Anna Smith said...

Oh my god matching outfits in bright pink? I don't believe you! :)

Jack said...

First of all, Nintendo rules. Hands down! :) Long live Yoshi! ;)

Secondly, your story was hil-arious! Seriously, I was in stiches! You know what's weird? I've been there when something like this happened in my past and the knowing looks are exchanged with other couples too! I'm serious!!! It is such a riot when we all finally exchange words of glee! :D

Thanks for the laugh this morning! ;)

Shelley Sly said...

That story was hilarious! I hated prom as a teen. I would have been snickering the whole time if I was in your position. (Well, hiding my snickering; I don't like to be rude.)

Also, love the NES controller. Classic.

Emily White said...

Hehehehe! Ah, prom. I had two of them and I made my dress for my second one.

Also, I LOVE the classic nintendo controller. I can't stand these new ones. I'm always looking at the ceiling or the floor and spinning in circles. :(

A Daft Scots Lass said...

Both my girls are Ninetendo Freaks. SuperMario is their favourite.

D'Artagnan said...

All you need now is the belt buckle and that coffee table you tweeted a picture of and you'll be set.

And the evening sounded hilarious. Glad you and the misses had some quality time!

Annika said...

Aw, Nintendo... I have a keychain, which I hold very dear :-). Love the Nintendo controller.

Pickleope said...

Love going out during prom season. I should look up when the local prom is so I can make a reservation at one of the three restaurants the prom crowd goes to (probably Buca Di Beppo).
Great shirt and wallet, and great story.

Samantha said...

Okay, first...LOVE the Nintendo shirt...I wish I still had my original Ninentdo. I do have my N64 and Super Nintendo still though...

And prom, makes me giggle. Every year I take my non related Sister's prom pictures, and all of the girls and guys are just so funny. Half the time, they look like they were forced into prom with their other half. I never went to prom...I was homeschooled lol

Matthew MacNish said...

Ah the innocence of youth. Everything seemed so important. Sounds like a great night, though!

Tny8 said...

Proms are definitely overrated. The Melting Pot, however, is not. That's our favorite fancy evening place.

Tracy Makara said...

You had me snorting coffee as I read this! The evening sounds fantastic...for the adults. :) It always amazes me to see a table full of people not talking to one another, but texting away madly on their phones. The costumes...yes I am calling them costumes...sound priceless. I agree with the one guy who said that you should all do this again next year! Ahh, the classic Nintendo controller...memories. :)

Cassie Mae said...

Oh gosh, I only know when Prom is because all the girls in my neighborhood make it part of their 'activity' to tp my house, lol. But since we hear them giggling the second they get out of the car, the hubs goes and gets his box of firecrackers. ;)

Joshua said...

Alex - Prom was overrated, especially by the fourth time.

Anna - It was...hideous.

Jack - I almost asked for names and numbers from the other adults. They seemed like really funny people to hang out with.

Shelley - We made very sure not to make the teens upset. We had a great time at their expense, but not at the expense of their evenings.

Emily - They make USB Old School Nintendo Controllers that you can use when playing emulators on a computer. It's awesome.

Lass - I only wish they'd given him a better last name. Mario Mario is just strange, even for a video game.

D'Artagnan - Belt buckle you say? Also, did you see that the Nintendo Controller table was actually wired and you could use it as a controller for the Wii emulated games?!

Annika - They make Nintendo keychains that have a standalone version of some games on them. Tetris, Super Mario. So fun.

Pickleope - That would be a great night out.

Samantha - While I don't have the original NES (never did, actually), I do have emulators for NES, SNES, and Sega Genesis. It's not the same, but it's close.

Matthew - It was a nice way to end the week, that's for sure.

Tanya - We had our rehearsal dinner at The Melting Pot. It's so much fun, and something worth paying for just so you don't have to clean all the forks and pots, you know?

Tracy - They are costumes. Good point. I think we should schedule it next year, too.

Cassie - Tell him to get a Super Soaker. Or a hose!

vic caswell (aspiring-x) said...

oh. my. goodness.
that poor pink guy must have had no testicles at all.
your wife!
shit ton of sequins!!!
the six of you really should have made a date for next year!
hmmm... i wonder when prom is around here?
(hint: it's not the second week of april either)

Joshua said...

vic - Maybe he was just matching out of courtesy? Shit tonne of sequins was me saying that; she just said they were all over.

S. L. Hennessy said...

LOVE the matching wallet. Very nerd-chic.

Who doesn't want to wear a dress so lavish that their date has to help them walk to the bathroom and carry their train? Oh, right, intelligent people haha.

Jaycee DeLorenzo said...

That just had to be the funniest thing. Pink, sequins and trains. Sadly, this sounds familiar. My hubby's second job is as a security guard for his friend's company, and they do weekly security for the frats and sororities at UofA (where hubby works his day job). They wear stuff like this every weekend.

The stories I could tell...

fishducky said...

All I can say is I LOVED IT!!

Corinne OFlynn said...

That story was worth the long read for today... OMG I would have had a fit of giggles. The dresses we've seen around here at prom time are incredible in the "i can't believe a dress maker actually designed that" category.

My single experience at The Melting Pot was years ago when we met friends there for dinner and our waiter turned out to be my crush from high school. Hadn't seen him since he graduated a year ahead of me. I was with my husband and fawning all over the place at this guy who didn't know me in high school, and thought I was crazy as an adult. I forced my husband to overtip. :)

Happy N Day, and N is also for NERD.

Christine Rains said...

Cool shirt. I'm wearing my "I <3 my geek" t-shirt today.

That's hilarious about the prom kids. I have zero prom experience as I didn't do dances in high school and proms aren't as big in Canada as they are in the US. It's crazy to me to see what a fuss they make out of it here.

Kimberlee Turley said...

I went bowling in my prom dress. (A huge ice pink thing similar to Glenda the Good Witch.)

My date wore silver, and just had a pink rose to match. There's no reason for both of us to look ridiculous...

Leigh Covington said...

lol. Matching outfits in pink? No way! *shakes head*

And I'm digging the Nintendo controller t with matching wallet. WOW! Man, I miss playing Ninetendo. So fun.

Juli said...

Ahhh, prom. I hated the tiniest idea of it.

And yet, I went to three.

But I would have been in the nicely done category, I swear. No sequins.

Patty said...

Matching wallet? Where do you find this stuff?
I wanted a Nintendo so bad growing up. My mom didn't let us have any video games. *shrugs* *sad face*

Maybe the kids were texting.... each other!

And the fact that you and your wife sit on the same side of the table... dates you.

The Golden Eagle said...

A hot pink vest? Oh, good grief. And I think sequins and other sparkly things are always in fashion to an, um, select few who don't know moderation.

The Golden Eagle
The Eagle's Aerial Perspective

Elisabeth Hirsch said...

This post is SOOOOOO awesome--one of my favorite posts EVER! I could see the kids vividly. I would have been right there laughing with you.

Oh and that Nintendo wallet--I love that wallet. If they carried it in orange, I would be all about using that!

Sarah Ahiers said...

First off, melting pot rocks.
Second, why would you go to melting pot for prom? It's not the easiest place to eat at and sometimes that cheese demands some time in the bathroom. Which was probably why there were so many sequins in there.

Also, what character do you play on Smash Bros?

Smedette said...

My mom made my prom dress, my date was (is) gay (only out to a few people during high school) and my friends and I only went because of the venue - one of those big dinner cruise boats that runs up and down the river.

Now, my city had two of these boats, one far superior than the other and my high school had nice one while our mortal enemies had the sub-par boat. We knew we were going to pass them twice during the evening, so we all rushed to that side of the boat to hurl insults at them.

It was all so stupid and looking back, we probably would have left early if we weren't on a freakin' boat. But, we posed for pictures to make our mothers happy.

After the boat docked, we ditched the clothes in someones car, whipped out our fake IDs to take in a show.

Lady Gwen said...

LOL, I thought the prom thing was going to spoil your evening out! Those were the awkward days - I never went to prom. I just skipped it and went to real life. Thanks for the laugh!

aziasaidwhat said...

Prom is definitely a May thing... but, whatever! I wish I could have been there... Gah, I can only imagine what prom dresses are looking like nowadays! I fear for what may be in style when our girls are old enough for prom... Hopefully the lack of fabric-short dresses are OUT OF STYLE.

And the phone thing! I see this all the time! None of these kids living in the moment- always checking to see what other people are doing. So sad!

Lydia Kang said...

The funny thing is that they think they're so grown up, in all their finery, when really it's just a bunch of annoying sequins and too-tight undergarments. Ick.

Emily Moir said...

I thought sequins were safely dead. Flippin' teenagers!

Scope said...

I only went to my Senior prom. As you can see on the Book of Faces, we coordinated, but it was accidental. I waited so long to ask her, that I had no choice in tux color.

And a limo? Well, I cleaned my car out pretty good if that counts.

Ciara said...

I nearly spit my coffee out when you said you had a matching Nintendo wallet. LOL

Joshua said...

S.L. - Good call, on both points.

Jaycee - I'll bet those are some crazy stories.

fishducky - GOOD!

Corinne - Yours is a funny story, too. And you're right! N is most definitely for Nerd. Word.

Christine - Excellent. Geeks need love, too.

Kimberlee - Bowling in a prom dress? That sounds awesome.

Leigh - There are many ways to still play. Email me if you want. I still play every once in a while.

Juli - No sequins? I don't believe it. :o)

Patty - The wallet came from my saved up GameStop PowerUp Rewards Card. Every time you buy or trade or sell, you get points. And then you use the points to buy swag. The wallet was worth it. As was the Thundercats Logo shirt (which doesn't ruin the upcoming T installment).

Golden Eagle - I should clarify that it was just the back of the vest. The front was still black, but the back matched the dress. To a degree, anyway.

Elisa - I'm sure we can find you an orange wallet somewhere. Possibly even in Nerd chic.

Sarah - I pretty much play Yoshi exclusively in any game I can. Except for MarioKart when I choose Donkey Kong because it's hysterical to watch.

Smedette - What show?!

Lady - We had no clue it was prom until we got there, and it did the exact opposite of spoiling the evening, which was very nice.

azia - It's like digital cameras. Snap, Look at picture, "Look at us. We were so young, a minute ago."

Lydia - Agreed. However, if I could pull off the vest look, I'd wear one to work every day. No garter, though.

Emily - I don't think it's the kids' faults. Stupid designers.

Scope - Cleaning out the car definitely counts. You made the effort. And limos are overrated.

Ciara - Does this make me a metrosexual Nerd? Or would I have to wax something and put on a pair of skinny jeans, too?

rhi said...

I've wanted a t-shirt like this for a while. Actually, I'd quite like a snes version.

Hope Roberson said...

Great shirt :)
I've been out to dinner this year during must have been Homecoming, it was funny, mostly cause I remember how nerve wracking that was and watching those kids trying to be impressive and grown up. I felt about 100 years old!

Joshua said...

rhi - I'm sure that can be arranged. here.

Hope - Now I feel old...