Saturday, April 14, 2012

A-to-Z Challenge: M

Imagine my surprise when I came to upload today's "I'm wearing the shirt" pic, and my M post was blank.

Dear suck sometimes, you know that?

Anyway, today brings us to the halfway mark of the alphabetic challenge.

M is for Mighty Thor.

So, there you have it.

This is more how I imagine Thor.

Sorry, Mr. Hemsworth. Grow a bigger beard.

Also, I snapped this pic from my car as I sat in horrendous traffic yesterday and I was weaving my way home.

It was prettier in person, and I had the windows down, so it was the waterfall sounds that caught my attention. Not sure why, but I found it funny that it was outside of a psychic's.

Today's a busy day. A lot of go, go, go. One thing to mention. We went to a Peter Pan kid's puppet show last night. Honestly? The show itself wasn't that memorable, but I really love the Center for Puppetry Arts. I have a spot in my Nerd heart for puppets and Jim Henson. While I wasn't allowed to take pictures, I did get to see some of my old Fraggle buddies, as well as a Big Bird costume, Emmet Otter, a video on Sid the Science Kid, an amazing collection of Japanese puppets that I hadn't seen yet, and a great Skesis puppet/costume and sword from The Dark Crystal.

I love puppets when they're done well.

Speaking of which, if you haven't seen the documentary Being Elmo, you really should check it out. A great watch from start to finish. I know it's available on Netflix Instant right now, and they've been broadcasting it lately on public television. Check it out. You won't be sorry.

*License: I took all of these pictures.

Word to the Nerd


Scope said...

I'm more a "Walt Simonson Era" Thor fan than a "Jack Kirby Era" Thor fan. Had the whole run at one time.

And Walt's signature looks like a dinosaur. You can't get cooler than that!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Quick thinking then! And just something about the Muppets... Can't help but dig them.

Emily White said...

I don't know, from what I see of your chin, it looks very Thor-ish. :) Keep working on that beard, though. :P

DEZMOND said...

I have a soft spot for Thor in my heart, since I have a weakness for blonds :)

DEZMOND said...

and don't listen to our Silly Millie above, shave the beard, shave it I say! :)

Libby said...

I'm glad you pointed out that you were not Thor. For a second there, I thought he'd come back to life!

Pickleope said...

Thor should totally have a Viking beard. I'd be shocked if Hemsworth could grow a dirt 'stash.
I'm more of a Beta Ray Bill fan (not really, I just wanted to drop that reference, also, frog Thor).
Yeah, I have a Muppet affinity too. Fun fact: Rolf was Henson's favorite because he considered Rolf his 1st creation. So after Henson's death, in the movies that followed, Rolf was silent, only speaking in the recent film.

Kimberlee Turley said...

Even with the hat, I still think Thor has better fashion sense than Heman.

Beverly Diehl said...

Every time I am tempted to follow the herd and get an iPad... I read a post or comment like yours that convinces me the aggravation would not in any way make me feel better for the credit card debt.

Mighty Thor, and bedhead (you didn't show it, but we know its there). Awesome.

Cassie Mae said...

Sid the Science Kid kinda scares me.

Damyanti said...

Look forward to the rest of your challenge run…can’t believe we’ve had 14 days already!
--Damyanti, Co-host A to Z Challenge April 2012

Twitter: @AprilA2Z

Annika said...

To me, M is for Muppets. I love Jim Henson. As a Scandinavian though, M should be for Mighty Thor I guess...

I also dig your pictures of you wearing the shirts, they put a smile on my face every day (especially the obvious explanations..).

jabblog said...

Thor should be BIG - tall, broad, muscular.
Puppets fascinate me and puppeteers are so skilled.

D'Artagnan said...

I'm not sure what I'm more excited about, the Thor shirt or the mere mention of Emmet Otter. If Atlanta was closer I'd be at the puppet center immediately!

S. L. Hennessy said...

Love the shirt. And Thor. And Hemsworth if it really comes down to it. But I've never heard of Being Elmo (oddly). Netflix you say?

stu said...

Being Elmo? I'm imagining the Ozbournes, but possibly with marginally less swearing.

Christine said...

Love the t-shirts and the garden picture!... and Fraggle Rock rocks!

A word of warning - Blogger and iPad do not play well together. It took me losing a few posts before I got the hint, and now I only post or edit my posts on an actual computer.

I'm A-Z Blog Hopping. It's nice to "meet" you!

Coffee in the Garden
In the Care of the Great Physician

aziasaidwhat said...

I have never been to a puppet show- maybe it's time to change this! :) how's the pollen? is it geting any better? also, i totally LOLz'd (???? did i really just "spell" that?? get over it!) at your dubchin. :p In a completely "look-at-his-funny-caption-telling-me-to-ignore-it which-ended-up-pointing-it-out-he-is-so-awesome!"way

Tny8 said...

I've been swinging my hammer and my arms are tho thor.

/bu dum ching

Kate O'Mara said...

Love Thor! The god and the most recent movie. But I don't have a Thor t-shirt :(

Emily Moir said...

I've been avoiding Being Elmo, but I do love puppets.

fishducky said...

I just watched "Being Elmo" per your recommendation & I loved it!!

Juli said...

I'm not surprised at all it was outside a psychic's place... it's all the colors of the aura. :)

Now if it was out side a government building.... I'd say they used our tax money to hire 14 illegals to keep it so pretty.

Jaycee DeLorenzo said...

Love the shirt.

And Fraggles! Yay!

Christine Rains said...

Huzzah for the Mighty Thor!

Lil Dreamer said...

Would it be inappropriate if I suggested going shirtless for letter N and calling it N for Naked???

vic caswell (aspiring-x) said...

ooohh! i like the long beard thor better as well!
and what a pretty garden... my yard looks like crap.
and HOORAY for puppets!
ever seen forgetting sarah marshall?

Joshua said...

Scope - I wish my signature looked like a dinosaur. Or a starship. Might try that...

Alex - Good point. Sadly, I can't get the kids to watch Muppets or Fraggles anymore. Maybe again someday.

Emily - No, no more beard!! Well, not never, just getting too hot for one.

DEZ #1 - I knew that.

DEZ #2 - I shaved it off in February. Not again until the cold months again, if at all.

Libby - I'd take his hammer though. I know a few skulls I'd like to crack.

Pickleope - I had not heard that Henson-Rolf fact. Very interesting.

Kimberlee - Good call. Very good call.

Beverly - It's great for everything else, though. Especially wasting time.

Cassie - Why? It's just motion capture puppetry.

Damyanti - I know, right?! A crazy run! Literally! More like a mad dash.

Annika - I know people that a racist against puppets, and I just don't understand why.

jabblog - Big & Tall Thor - Like Liam Neesen big? Or Lou Ferrigno big?

D'Artagnan - Man, if you ever get down here, the museum isn't big, but it's worth an hour of looking at everything.

S.L. - Yes, Netflix. I think it's worth it. A great story.

stu - Yes, much less swearing.

Christine - It was a glitch where I accidentally clicked the edit post instead of doing something else, and it autosaved so fast before I could click somewhere else. Luckily, the photo was uploaded elsewhere and was fixed within a minute. Still sucks that they don't cooperate.

azia - The major pollen is all but gone. It's just because of the way I was laying anyway, but I find it funny to point out stuff like that.

Tanya - Ugh... Goof.

Kate - Target had this one.

Emily - It's a sweet film, and not what I was expecting in some parts.

fishducky - Glad you did! It really was a great story, and continues to be a good one. I wish I could get The Boy to watch some Sesame Street to learn a few things, but his sister is quite the overpowering personality.

Juli - True statement. Both of them.

Jaycee - Yay for Fraggles is right. They had the whole main Fraggle crew (Gobo, Mokey, Red, Wembley, Boober) as well as some Doozers. And a whole bunch of LABYRINTH stuff. And...and...

Christine - Agreed!

Lil - No.

vic - I have SARAH MARSHALL on the DVR. Still haven't found time to watch it though.