Monday, April 2, 2012

A-to-Z Challenge: B

Day 2 of the Challenge.

B for Browncoats, from the Firefly series.

One of my all-time favorite television shows, series, universes. Joss Whedon is the man.

On an A-to-Z-related note, I've decided that I'm going to attempt to wear the Letter of the Day shirt on it's respective day. Not that there will be picture evidence, but I'm wearing the Browncoat shirt under my work shirt today. So there.

Not much else going on in this part of the Nerd World today. Just, you know...SSDD.*

Running late, late, late this morning. So, today I leave you with this shirt. You know what? Before I go, just one little quote from The Girl. I'm going to pull up my list of all the strange, funny, sweet, and just plain odd things she has said and bring you one to enjoy. And the winner is this exchange while driving one Sunday in March:

The Girl: "That sign says, 'No Magicians.'"
The Wife: "What sign?"
The Girl: "The one with the guy wearing a hat."
Me: {laugh} "She means the Neighborhood Watch sign."
Road signs are public domain, with the exception of the Interstate logo.
When I posted this on Facebook, one of my friends responded, "Should have gone with 'No Dementors.'"

These are the people with whom I choose to associate.

*SSDD = Same Shit, Different Day, in case you were wondering.

*License: I took the first two pictures; the third image is considered public domain.

Word to the Nerd


American in Norway said...

the girl sounds like a hoot! :-) Good luck with the challenge.

Joshua said...

American in Norway - When she's sweet or funny, yes, but she has a bit of an attitude. Comes with being 4.

Shelley Sly said...

Heck yes! My husband has that shirt. We love Firefly! :D

Nice to meet a fellow self-proclaimed nerd. :)

Samantha said...

Sounds like something Bree would have said :) 4 year olds :P

Pickleope said...

I heard an interview with Nathan Fillion (second only to Bruce Campbell in my The Man pantheon) and he said that he'd prefer if when fans see him on the street they simply nod and say, 'Captain'. I loved that.
Also, the girl should nurture a healthy fear of wizards.

S. L. Hennessy said...

My blog was about Buffy...guess that makes today Whedon day. Though I argue EVERY day should be Whedon day. I haven't seen the rest of your alphabet shirts, but this one will probably be my favorite regardless.

You can't stop the signal.

Cortney Pearson said...

No Dementors, LOL!!! So great!

Cassie Mae said...

Okay, I've got to watch Firefly so I understand the shirt and don't feel so left out.

Annika said...

I've always intended to watch Firefly but never got around to do so. I do however agree that Joss Whedon is the man :-).

"No Magicians" ~ lulz.

Jaycee DeLorenzo said...

Love, love, love Firefly! Proud Browncoat here! Great shirt!

No Magicians? That's precious!

Happy Monday!
Jaycee's A-Z

fishducky said...

Write down all the cute things your kids say. When you're my age you can write whole posts about them!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I want that shirt!!!

Aurora Celeste said...

Browncoats unite! I can't believe I didn't discover that series until it went off the air :(

Aurora Celeste

Jen said...

Oh, your girl is hilarious!

Joshua said...

Shelley - Nerds Unite!!

Samantha - They be crazy.

Pickleope - And if I ever get to meet him, I'm going to be asking "Captain, may I get a picture?" And that will be the first real picture of myself on this blog.

S.L. - Everyone should have posted about the Whedonverse today.

Cortney - I know, right?

Cassie - I'll just continue shaking my head at you.

Annika - You definitely should. It won't take that long to see them all.

Jaycee - All right! Another Browncoat!

fishducky - I'm writing a book about her -isms. It's going to be great.

Alex - I bought it at Dragon*Con in 2007.

Aurora - Sadly, if you blinked when they aired, it was gone already. Fox screwed that up.

Jen - Most of the time. Thanks!

Hektor Karl said...

"I've decided that I'm going to attempt to wear the Letter of the Day shirt on it's respective day."

Now that's dedication to the challenge! Consider me impressed.

Jamie Gibbs said...

Want that T shirt!
I was late to the Firefly party, but by the gods its good!

Jamie Gibbs
Fellow A-Z Buddy
Mithril Wisdom

IndigoWrath said...


Paige Kellerman said...

"No magicians." Ha! I can't wait until my kids can string the good sentences together.

Retro-Zombie said...

Nice tees...

Bring it... to the challenge "B" is for Brilliant!
Jeremy [Retro-Zombie]
A to Z Co-Host
IZOMBIE: Visit the Madness

The Golden Eagle said...

There's one of those signs in the area--I don't think I'll be able to see anything but a magician on it, now.

Libby said...

I came to the Serenity thing a bit late but that was an awesome show! Good on you for sporting a Browncoat shirt, that is not brown...

Ciara said...

I wanna be a Browncoat. I SO miss Firefly.

Hope Roberson said...

I think I've heard you mention this show on your blog before, but I've never seen it. Is it on Netflix streaming? That's such a classic quote from your daughter! I need that for my house :)

Hope Roberson said...

That as in that sign :)

Juli said...

Don't you just love what the kids come up with? :)

And thank you for your help with the links. I didn't realize that we were all just going back to the original list. It really is so much easier than linking a post back each day. Can't wait to see your "C" shirt. :)

Lady Gwen said...

LOL, no magicians - that's hilarious. Do you really have enough t-shirts to cover the whole alphabet?

Emily Moir said...

Why aren't we getting picture evidence of you wearing a shirt to correspond with each letter? I love the "No Magicians" comment.

Scope said...

When I was a senior in high school, my dad helped me "liberate" a neighborhood watch sign. One of those yellow ones with the eyes.

vic caswell (aspiring-x) said...

awww!!! the girl is too cute!
and- nifty shirt, mister!

A Daft Scots Lass said...

Good idea for you to be wearing the shirt. We want evidence...

Joshua said...

Hektor - So far I'm two for two. I'll probably pull the next day's shirt out the night before, otherwise I might forget in my dreary, tired, morning state.

Jamie - I'm sure you can find it on the net, somewhere out in the 'verse

Indigo - Gorram right.

Paige - You hope for funnies and cross your fingers you don't get, "But daddy says damn all the time!"

Retro-Zombie - Thank you, thank you.

Golden Eagle - You and me both.

Libby - is brown. Faded brown, yes, but still brown

Ciara - You don't need the shirt to be a browncoat.

Also, when I bought a BluRay, the Firefly series was the first one I bought. And it was the only one I owned for about five months.

Hope #1 - Why thank you.

Hope #2 - Understood. :oP

Juli - The things that come out of my girl's are unbelievable sometimes.

Lady Gwen - I do, indeed. Some letters more than others.

Emily - It starts with the letter C.

Scope - Your dad helped? I like your dad.

vic - Thank you, on both things. :o)

Lass - And it all starts today with the letter C, which is not for either your insult or motto.

Christine Rains said...

Love Firefly. Hilarious about the sign. My son thinks all alligators are dragons and everyone with a scarf on their head is a pirate.

Joshua said...

Christine - They're not pirates? Well there goes my whole belief system.

rhi said...

I would love to be a Browncoat if only I wasn't so apathetic about the show.

Joshua said...

rhi - Ahh, apathy. I had something to say about that, but then I realized that it would sound like I was indifferent. I understand why some wouldn't like it, and I always wonder how it would be viewed had Fox not screwed up the order when it was originally aired.

rhi said...

I'm a brit so I saw it in order. I like the show, but mostly I'm apathetic about it. There are various bits to it that ruin the show, and there are bits I love. I love Mal, and Kayless and Wash, but River's storyline ruins it for me. She over-shadows her brother so much, and Simon is the stronger character. Whedon could've and should've dealt with the River storyline a bit better, or at least differently. There are much stronger, better characters that should've had more focus and I know it got cancelled earlier, but had he concentrated on the stronger characters instead of a storyline that would take a long time resolve.
And none of this even starts to deal with Inara, who brought very little to the show at all.
I'd go on, but I've forgotten what I said the last time I rambled on about this (we did a Firefly re-watch at our Fantasy and Sci-Fi society)

Joshua said...

rhi - I think the larger, over-arcing storyline is what attracted me to the show—and most of my favorite shows—and something that could have been resolved had the show survived past infancy. You're right about Simon being the stronger character, but his story went hand-in-hand with River's. Obviously the movie delved into that further, eventually resolving the storyline. I was more a fan of the mysterious Shepherd Book. The graphic novel "Serenity: The Shepherd's Tale" covered his back story, even though I secretly hoped he would be a former Alliance Operative.

Anna Smith said...

Oh my god that's adorable. Love Firefly - I don't have any friends who like it, all idiots! :)

Universal Gibberish

Joshua said...

Anna - I have a few that like it, but not enough.