Monday, March 26, 2012

Abandoned Proclivity

I'm not nearly as tired as I thought I would be.

It has now been a full week without my precious Red Bull. Caffeine has not been cut out of my life completely, and I still manage my one or two cups of tea every day. Tuesday was the worst day, by far. I woke up about 2am with a migraine that persisted despite several cups of tea and some heavy migraine meds. The rest of the week went just fine. In fact, it went just like any other week. I always get tired an hour or so after I eat lunch, so that didn't change. My energy level has remained pretty much consistent. Nothing much to report.

I wonder if I'm just too saturated in caffeine, and eventually I will run out of the stores of it I've built up in my system. We'll see. Truth be told, I'm still staying up late, even without the energy boost. I'm still running around like a crazy person. I did feel a bit slow on Friday, but that might also be due to the fact that there were only 20 or so people at work (out of 85). It's a strange trend that no one seems to be able to explain.

Not much else going on. I didn't get as much editing done this weekend as I'd hoped, but it's coming along and should be done this week. Crosses Fingers. That said, if anyone has any editing work they want to throw my way, I'm happy to provide a character reference. Email me offline.

Do you remember that deck of cards I was talking about before? The one with the Random Map? Or The King of Hanging Brain? I was looking through the deck again and thought I'd give you a few more. These ones I actually enjoyed.

This first one reminds me of On the Road by Jack Kerouac. Not just because it has a road in it, but if I had to pick one image that represented that book to me, it would be this one. Driving at night, only seeing what is in the sphere of influence from the flowing headlights, unaware of what might be out in the darkness, lurking or otherwise.

Something a little bit magical about this one. I mean that literally. Remember toward the end of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets when Tom Riddle writes his name in the air with the wand and the letters are seemingly on fire? That's what I see here.

I've inverted this one on purpose because I like it that way. Just the physics-defying illogicalness of it. Here's the question: Is the sand flowing up? Or is the sand still flowing down? Either way, it changes your perspective. And it reminds me of a scene from Real Genius. I can't find a screenshot of it, and I'm not in a place where I can stream it online and do a grab myself, but Val Kilmer is doing a handstand when the new kid comes around the corner, and Val surprises the kid by suddenly saying, "Would you be prepared if gravity suddenly reversed itself?" If you have never seen Real Genius, you're missing out and need to fix that. Comedy Gold.

This is how the mind works, folks. One topic to the next to the next to the next.

Speaking of Val Kilmer, everyone needs to get off his case for gaining weight. Guess what, folks? We all gain weight. We all lose weight. Hell, on any given day your weight can fluctuate a few pounds depending on how much or little you eat, or drink, or exercise. Cut the brother some slack.

And one last little piece of enjoyment. People know that I'm a junkie for all things post-apocalyptic. Not just zombie apocalypse, but the nuclear fallout kind, as well. To that end, a friend sent me an image this weekend, and it's just a fantastic piece from the Fallout video game series. Yeah, it's a Lego Brotherhood of Steel figure from Fallout. Personally, I think it looks a bit like a modified Storm Trooper, but who am I to complain? I know Lego didn't come out with a Fallout set...but I sure wish they would.

Enough of the random all over the place. You might want to wipe your feet on the way out.

*License: I took these pictures; they are from a deck of cards that I own.

Word to the Nerd


Annika said...

I like your random posts :).

Great pictures from that deck of cards. I think it's way more interesting than the usual pictures that usually are on the cards.

Haven't seen Real Genious, and I kind of don't like Val Kilmer (except from Top Gun and Top Secret) ~ but I agree with the weight part.

Great picture of the Lego piece. It put a smile on my face :), I love those things as well.

Joshua said...

Annika - I know a lot of people aren't a fan of his, but his older stuff is fantastic. Real Genius is from his pre-Top Gun days, so it holds up. Anything after The Saint has been kind of crap.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Fallout guy is cool.
Weaning yourself off caffeine is difficult. I rarely have anything with caffeine in it now.
And Real Genius had some great lines!

Matthew MacNish said...

Is that supposed to be the Tesla suit? I can't remember. No wait, that's another faction right? This would be plain old power armor. I think. Crap. It's been a while.

Adam said...

I drank so much soda that caffeine has little affect on me anymore.

Colleen Chen said...

Hooray for getting off caffeine! I stopped getting cellulite when I stopped drinking coffee.

Speaking of cellulite, I totally agree we should get off Val Kilmer's case. I applaud the man for being a part of Hollywood and yet not getting it all sucked out, pulled in, primped up with chemicals and surgical devices.

Anna Smith said...

I used to drink far too many energy drinks, now I've stopped, whenever I have one it makes me feel like shit. So not fair! Haven't seen Real Genius but will get right on it! :)

Cassie Mae said...

My mind went to HP too when I saw card 8, but different scene.

Awesome Fallout dude. I want one. :(

I liked Val Kilmer. I thought The Saint was awesome, and don't judge, but I liked him as Batman. Top Gun just wasn't my favorite movie. Honestly forgot he was in it, lol.

Stacey said...

Did you know that Excedrin Migraine was recalled? I didn't until I went to the store yesterday and nearly had a meltdown to find the shelves empty. Caffeine was my dear friend last night.

I think the last movie I remember seeing Val Kilmer in was one of the Batman films. He was Batman at one point, right? I'm not imagining this?

fishducky said...

I can't decide whether you're the king of hearts--or the joker!

Pickleope said...

Can't hate on Kilmer, dude made Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. Haven't seen Real Genius, though. This needs to be corrected.
Before I read what it is, I thought it was a modified Storm Trooper too.
Enjoyed the randomness.

Hope Roberson said...

Love it! I can follow your brain! My brain is like this too! Tangent to tangent to tangent, and sometimes I actually loop back to the original thought without intending to do so, then I feel smart :) Val Kilmer is one of my all time favorites, fat or not, and Real Genius is a great flick! I've been hacking away at my ms, trying to cut, cut, cut. Anyhow, I'll stop babbling and thanks for the laugh as usual ;)

aziasaidwhat said...

Those cards are NEATO BURRITO. The Harry Potter one made me want to watch Harry Potter. And I can't. Because I have waaaay too much shit to do. THANKS JOSH. :) People need to stop others based on their weight, for fuks sake!

David P. King said...

The fact that you also take legos and customize them into awesomeness makes you all the more awesome!

Joshua said...

Alex - Real Genius needs to be remembered. Always.

Matthew - Just the standard Power Armor I believe.

Adam - It's an unfortunate side effect.

Colleen - Is he the world's greatest actor? No. But he's not nearly as bad as others.

Anna - This is why I still drink tea.

Cassie - Which scene was that?

Stacey - It was? That really sucks. Guess I'll be sticking with the prescription stuff.

fishducky - It's the latter.

Pickleope - I'm going to have visions of Lego Fallout 3 for a long while now.

Hope - Never stop babbling.

azia - There's always time for that.

David - I wish I had that kind of time. Maybe in 16 years when both kids are out of the house.

DEZMOND said...

have you ever tried some herbal, natural medicine for migraines and your sleeping problems and such things? In my experience they're always better than the things they give us in pharmacies.

Joshua said...

DEZ - I typically try not to take anything for migraines, but some days just require some heavy hitting to get it gone.

Samantha said...

I've been a water drinker for more than 10 years now...caffeine gives me instant headaches, although, I can still drink coffee and be fine. Strange.

Libby said...

Glad you said that because I too thought it was a modified storm trooper!

Juli said...

Caffeine withdrawal is the worst next to sugar/carbs. It's really tough, but eventually it gets better.

Those cards are awesome.

Scope said...

"Real Genius" the movie where William Atherton plays an entirely different character than then ones he played in "Ghostbusters" and "DieHard". But love the movie. "A girl's gotta have her standards."

And I gave up pop for Lent, so I know.

Christine Rains said...

Monday randomness is good. It's how I feel today.

Joshua said...

Samantha - That is strange.

Libby - It has to be.

Juli - Mmm...sugar.

Scope - Having grown up in the far North suburbs, every time I ask someone down here if they want me to get them "a pop," I get such a strange look.

I should watch that movie tonight. "I guess you'll hammer later."

Love it.

Christine - Monday is always such a weird day.

Cora said...

Love the mini fig!!

Every time I stop by here, I feel like a slacker. I just want to tell you that. How on earth do you come up with this stuff every darn day?! Incredible. :-)

Joshua said...

Cora - There was a joke Jim Gaffigan did about bathrobes. How you can't go to get the paper in a bathrobe otherwise you look ridiculous, almost like a mental patient. You see a neighbor and you explain yourself, "Had to get the paper." To which the neighbor responds, "Before the monsters do, right?" I tell that story to say, this is the craziness that runs around my head all day. I have pages and pages of notes and one-liners that needed an outlet before my head just exploded. Plus, The Wife doesn't share in all my nerdiness—more for me, if you want my honest opinion—so this allows for me to talk about stuff without her having to hear it. Funny anecdote, whenever she wants to go to bed but isn't tired yet, I start talking about Star Wars or Lord of the Rings or math or space, and she's usually asleep within 3-5 minutes. It's a gift.